Hamilton – “I practiced this sport alone”


Lewis Hamilton is hopeful that becoming a seven-time Formula 1 champion sent a powerful message that dreams can be made no matter what your background.While Hamilton has made many convincing anti-racism statements this year, he arguably delivered his most convincing of all on track in Istanbul with a Turkish Grand Prix victory that underscored his newly crowned status by tying the record. by Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton is living proof that color, class, or creed is no obstacle to success if you’re willing to work hard to achieve it, cementing his status as a role model and carving his own furrows in any field.

“It’s obviously no secret that I really played this sport on my own – the only black person here, or the only person of color here and that’s a really interesting point,” said Hamilton.

“The point is, because I’m bi-racial, while that’s the black driver’s term here, I’m bi-racial. I think this colorism, maybe people should read.

“When I was younger I didn’t have anyone in the sport that looked like me, so it was easy to think that it wasn’t possible to make it because no one of your color had ever been there. .

“You don’t see black people on TV who are in Formula 1, so I hope that sends a message to the kids watching.

“I hope they saw this performance and hopefully they can see that no matter where you are from, no matter where you are from, it is so important for you to dream big. ”

Hamilton believes that if he can dig a lonely furrow and credibly emerge, then others can follow in his footsteps and do the same,

“If you look at places, industries and you don’t see someone of the same origin as you, or the same ethnicity as you, or the same religion, create your own path”, added the young man. 35 years old.

“This is what we did, this is what I was able to do, and it was so difficult. Tough doesn’t even describe how hard it was.

“I hope that sends that message. This is the most important message for children: dream as big as possible and don’t give up. ”

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