Grey’s Anatomy Boss Explains Reason For Meredith’s ‘Powerful’ Story


Grey’s Anatomy spoilers follow.

Grey’s Anatomy Showrunner Krista Vernoff explained why the long-running medical drama decided to tell the story of Meredith Gray contracting COVID-19.

The 17th season of the ABC drama opened with a dramatic and moving premiere that saw staff at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exhausted, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was seen passing out outside the hospital in the Season 17 premiere, which gave her a vision in which she met her late husband Derek Shepherd ( Patrick Dempsey) calling him on a beach.

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It has since been revealed that the reason Meredith passed out was because she had COVID-19 and has now been admitted to hospital after losing consciousness.

Vernoff a dit The Hollywood Reporter that the show decided to tell the story of Meredith’s disease because the writers and producers wanted to ‘shed light’ on the situation thousands of healthcare workers around the world have found themselves in since the pandemic that has hit earlier this year.

“Last week we felt the pain of Meredith Gray as a doctor treating an early outbreak of COVID patients. This week we’re starting to experience what it feels like for her to be a COVID patient herself, ”she says.

“More than 1,700 healthcare workers in the United States have died from COVID to date. Several thousand more have been infected. Healthcare workers are on the front lines of this crisis, living a war they were not trained for.


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“We saw an opportunity to dramatize and illuminate their plight through the incredibly beloved and well known character of Meredith Gray. Doctors and nurses fight for us and fall in love with us. less we can do it is wear a mask, get away socially and stay home as much as possible.

Vernoff added that Meredith will have “a real fight ahead of her” as she deals with the disease, saying her visions of Derek and the beach provide “darkness and light” and promising the new season will continue. to be “powerful”.

Dempsey will continue to appear throughout the season as Derek – otherwise known to fans as ‘McDreamy’ – as Meredith battles the disease, Vernoff saying she also wanted to provide “a little candy.” to the fans ”to offer viewers some escape during a very difficult time.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 airs on ABC in the United States. It is broadcast on Sky witness in the UK with select episodes also available on NOW TV.

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