Great British Bake Off contestant on which show rule is the most boring


A Great British Bake Off contestant has revealed which rule on the show is the most boring.Baker, Laura Adlington told her Instagram followers what she thought was “good pain” after a long day of filming.

Responding to questions from fans of the Channel 4 show, Laura answered a question about her story about having to wear the same clothes again for several days.

Kent’s wife said for the sake of continuity, candidates should wash, dry and iron their clothes for wearing the next day.

According to Mirror Online, this is because the cooking is done on different days.

Answer the questions “If the cooking is done on different days, why do you have to wear the same clothes?” Laura said, “Just for continuity apparently.

“It was a real pain in the ass having to wash, dry and iron your outfit after a long day of filming. ”

On Monday Tuesday night’s show, fan favorite Peter also made his own confession.

Bakers had to create a miniature version of a classic cheesecake for the signature, followed by a technique that dates back to the 17th century and a spectacular jelly dessert cake with a delicate sponge.

But as Peter prepared for the cheesecake task, he made a shocking admission.

Explaining his lime and ginger cheesecake, Peter said, “You can’t trust a cheesecake, I have an aversion to cheese in general. ”

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Fans were devastated by his comments, and many took to Twitter.

One said: “I lost all respect for Peter for that cheese comment, so now Mark is my favorite. ”

Jack tweeted: “Peter was one of my favorite bakers, but now he says he has ‘an aversion to cheese’, I consider him a nemesis. ”

Joseph said: “Peter on The Great British Bake Off just broke my heart, he doesn’t like cheese! “


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