Government under fire as one of eight new corridors open to Britons


EEight more destinations were added to the UK’s list of quarantine-free destinations in the government update on Thursday, but only one of them is open to UK tourists, prompting strong reactions from of the travel industry.

Rwanda and Namibia were the first two African countries to be granted a travel corridor, marking yet another victory for the Telegraph’s Long-Haul Unlock campaign. However, of the two, only Rwanda is really open to British travelers – the only flights between the UK and Namibia go through countries on the quarantine list.

The other six destinations that have been given the green light – Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Israel, the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Bonaire, St. Eustace and Saba – all remain closed to tourists.

Paul Charles, managing director of travel consulting firm The PC Agency, told Telegraph Travel: “The sooner we can have a consistent approach to overseas travel, the better. It seems like government advisers sometimes stick a pin on a world map to decide which country should have a travel lane and it’s no wonder consumers wonder why Namibia is open instead of Jamaica, for example. .

“There is no obvious logic in the weekly review, as the Northern Mariana Islands, a well-known UK tourist spot, has proven. Let’s have a coherent traffic light system, like the EU has done; a shorter quarantine and go back to normal as soon as possible in 2021. “

Meanwhile, Paul Goldstein, co-owner of the Kicheche safari camps in Kenya, said the government, and in particular Mr. Shapps, “have shown utter contempt for the travel industry by giving cynical motives a few lanes. miserable travel.

Referring to the new additions to the travel green list, he added: “Sadly, as with so many things this unhappy government is doing, there has been no research.”

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