Government of Ontario website reveals hidden details about COVID-19 cases


An Ontario government website has provided information on the age and gender of the most recent positive cases of COVID-19 under the jurisdiction of Public Health Sudbury and Districts.

The PHSD stopped revealing information on age and gender earlier this year, suggesting that this information could somehow compromise the privacy of those listed in their regular COVID case counts. 19.

Of all the cases reported since March 1, 2020, the website displays 46 unsolved cases from the Sudbury health unit. The majority of cases were in people aged 20 to 29 and were tested in the last week or so.

Seven of these cases involved people under the age of 20; two are men, five are women.

The website revealed that there were also four older cases, all male; three in their sixties and one in their eighties.

Of the 35 unresolved cases of people in their twenties, 25 are male, nine are female, and a person’s gender was “unspecified”.

Additionally, of those 35 cases in their 20s, most were listed as close contact, meaning the main cause of their infection is believed to be close contact with another person who is already COVID positive.

Six of the cases were identified as missing information, meaning that health unit trackers were unable to identify how the person contracted the disease.

One case of a person in his twenties was a man whose cause was listed as linked to the outbreak. No other information was available at this time.


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