Google Chrome introduces other macOS Big Sur icons


With the latest update to Chrome, Google released a new rounded square icon for the browser on macOS. However, it looks like another icon overhaul is underway with Google teasing some potential icons for Chrome to better match the macOS Big Sur design language.Google Chrome version 87 launched on Windows and macOS today, bringing a host of new features, but the most immediately noticeable change was a new icon for macOS, partly on the theme of Big Sur. Matching the style of the Chrome for iOS icon, the new icon simply places the standard Google Chrome icon in a rounded square with a white background.

To make Chrome look and feel more comfortable on macOS Big Sur, Google seems to be working on a bigger overhaul of the browser icon. On Twitter this evening, Elvin Hu, a member of the Google Chrome design team, shared three potential designs to add a touch of Big Sur’s “neumorphism”.

The first design is exactly what you can see from the current version of Chrome 87 on macOS, while the latter two use light and shadow in different ways to create a sense of depth. The tweet is intended as a way to open up comments from the community on the most logical direction.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Alex Ainslie, head of design for Google Chrome, briefly shared about the delicate balance of making each of Chrome’s logos on different platforms consistently feel like ‘Chrome-y’, ‘Google-y’, and ‘OS-y’ – which means it corresponds to the design language of a particular operating system.

One of my favorite things in the making @Google Chrome for ChromeOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS is that we can negotiate how to be 1) Chrome-y and 2) Google-y and 3) OS-y at the same time.

So, in your opinion, which of these three potential icons for Google Chrome best fits the macOS Big Sur design language? Let us know in the comments.

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