Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santo Cruz Full Fight Video


Watch Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santo Cruz video recaps of the full Davis vs. Santa Cruz event fight above, courtesy of DAZN.

Davis vs Santo Cruz took place on October 31 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santo Cruz collided in a title fight in the night’s main event, which was broadcast live on Showtime. Watch more video highlights below.

Davis retained the WBA lightweight title and won the WBA super featherweight title.

Check out Conor McGregor’s reaction below.

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Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz

Tour 1: Davis comes out in the middle of the ring and adopts a strong posture. Jab comes from Davis who pushes Santa Cruz away. Davis’s Uppercut is already landing. Santa Cruz’s right hand makes contact. Davis tries another designer uppercut but doesn’t land it either. Santa Cruz throws a quick combination and catches Davis with the last shot. Three shots from Santa Cruz land but Davis immediately comes back and lands a hard cross to the body. Santa Cruz is already bleeding. Davis lands straight to the left between the Santa Cruz guard. Davis comes forward and takes a hit from Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz on the back now, looking for counter-opportunities. Santa Cruz’s charge puts Davis on his ass but the referee forbids him to slip! Santa Cruz throws a combination that usually does not arise. I’m going to get ahead of that first lap at Davis since it wasn’t considered a knockdown, it did more damage. Davis 10-9.

2ème round: Santa Cruz walks slowly and throws a right hook that partially lands on Davis. Santa Cruz throws a combination that is most often missing. Davis lands uppercut. Davis pulls back as he tries to squeeze Santa Cruz into something big. Jab lands for Santa Cruz. Davis misses a few counters which are insufficient. Now Davis slams Santa Cruz to the canvas and receives a warning from the referee. Santa Cruz steps forward and Davis throws a left hand but Santa Cruz responds with a flurry of punches that aren’t that clean but make a good impression. Straight ahead lands on the left for Davis. Good turn for Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz 10-9, 19-19.

3e tour: Davis suddenly fails. Santa Cruz advances but is not reckless with his attack that works in his favor. Davis in the corner and Santa Cruz measures with a jab but Davis lands an uppercut. The left hand lands upstairs for Santa Cruz with Davis along the ropes. Santa Cruz’s right hand is missing and Davis swings around the corner. Davis fails with two hits to the body. Davis misses a shot but dodges a few counters for Santa Cruz. Davis starts to push forward no and lands a left hand on the floor, then one on the body. Hard left to the body lands again for Davis. Jab lands for Davis again. Santa Cruz places a counter uppercut on the body. Up close, I’ll read this one very lightly to Davis. Davis 10-9.

Tour 4: Davis jabs but blocked him. Santa Cruz misses a few of his own shots. The two fighters find themselves in a clinch in the central ring. Santa Cruz lands a good hook to the body. Davis comes back and misses an uppercut. Uppercut and hook landed well for Davis. The two fighters trade and land on top of each other! Santa Cruz trades with Santa Cruz in the pocket and holds his position pretty well so far. Left to the body lands well for Davis, Santa Cruz comes back with a bang. Another body shot lands for Davis but the ref warns them that they have lost their way. Davis steps forward and Santa Cruz tries to meet him with a few punches. Left to body lands for Davis. Jab lands downstairs for Davis this time. Santa Cruz is holding up better than I expected, but I think Davis’s powerful punches made the difference in this round. Davis 10-9, 39-37.

Tour 5: Davis stands in the center of the ring and Santa Cruz throws a combination that doesn’t land when Davis goes out of reach. The prospect on the right makes partial contact for Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz misses two shots as Davis moves sideways along the ropes. Left lands on the body again for Davis. Now Santa Cruz puts his right hand on the body. Davis comes back with a hard left right to the gut following two hits. Santa Cruz has a bite to eat upstairs. This time the right lead lands for Santa Cruz. Left to body marks again for Davis. Santa Cruz throws an ineffective combination that Davis is able to get around. Good ride for Davis, I think. Davis 10-9.

Tour 6: The Santa Cruz corner tells him to skip this round and Davis will refuel in the second half. Right to the body lands for Santa Cruz, then another, then another! Right and left to the body land for Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz throws a bunch of extra punches and makes contact. Davis tries to get through the Santa Cruz attack and the two fighters exchange shots. Santa Cruz takes a lead on the right. Davis has an enemy to the body and the ref says he lands low and Santa Cruz has some time to recover. Davis claims Santa Cruz is holding him back, forcing the punches down. The right hook lands for Santa Cruz. Davis tries to come up with some big, powerful shots and lands a couple! Santa Cruz returns and Santa Cruz gets rocked by a big uppercut from Davis! It’s over, Santa Cruz is down and cold! Break a knockout shot! Davis KO-6.


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