FUREY: Alberta offers even more data on COVID-19 deaths


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Alberta continues to offer even more nuanced data on those who died from COVID-19 and the underlying conditions they faced.

The other week, the province revealed that more than three-quarters of Albertans who died were also struggling with “three or more illnesses.” As of the last update, only 11 people – or 2.3% of the total number of deaths in Alberta – had died without any underlying conditions or co-morbidities.

These conditions range from common ones such as diabetes and hypertension to serious conditions such as cancer, dementia and cirrhosis of the liver.

Although other provinces do not report this level of detail, a recent Statistics Canada report found that these numbers were fairly consistent across the country.

Now, Alberta Health Services has also provided co-morbid information for each specific death reported.

When nine new deaths were announced on Wednesday, the tally was as follows: female in her 90s, unknown; man from the 90s, unknown; women in their fifties had co-morbidities; 80-year-old women had comorbidities; women 90 years old, no comorbidities; man of the 80s, unknown; man of the 80s, unknown; 80-year-old men had co-morbidities; 70-year-old men had comorbidities. Only the last two people were not linked to an outbreak in a retirement or care facility.


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