FSG may have alluded to Liverpool plans beyond Jurgen Klopp


Liverpool and Manchester United are said to have been the instigators of the now rejected Big Picture proposals. It was a plan billed as a look into the future of professional gaming but, after being leaked to the Telegraph, there were concerns raised by many.

Much of the document – which was in its 18th draft – was positive for many involved, but critics focused on what was seen as a ‘takeover’ by several elite Premier League clubs, leading to abandonment of plans.

John W Henry and FSG, who are also said to be exploring the idea of ​​joining forces with Moneyball guru Billy Beane, may not have been successful in accepting the proposals, but just weeks after passing the bar. 10 years in charge at Anfield, the document still seems significant.

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On the Liverpool.com podcast, Joel Rabinowitz said: “They have been far from perfect in many off-pitch decisions in terms of ticket prices and paid time off earlier this year.

“But in a different reality, there wouldn’t have been much to change for Liverpool to win all the trophies they could have won – the Europa League in Klopp’s first season, the League Cup that they had already won, the FA Cup, they got closer, then they made the big ones in terms of Premier League, Champions League and Club World Cup.

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“What comes next is really interesting, because about half of their tenure so far has been under Klopp and he’s been such a leading figure in the project – it completely reflects their values ​​and the model they want. lead.

“Klopp is currently under contract until 2024, but it will be fascinating to see what the FSG looks like beyond Klopp at Liverpool, if in fact they still own at this point. ”

The fact that FSG is so closely aligned with the creation of the Project Big Picture document and that it is linked to Beane’s investment and the expansion of a football empire across Europe – perhaps similar to in some respects to the Red Bull model – offers a hint at their future at Anfield, to say the least.

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Project Big Picture was rather uninspiring in its title, but was a long-term plan for the future of the game. Joining forces with Beane also appears to be a long-term strategic decision and not something that would be undertaken without it. intention to stay.

Speculation has sometimes arisen as to whether, if the right offer is put on the table, FSG could leave Liverpool and profit from his investment, for which he would receive at least around six times what he paid there. is ten years old.

But Project Big Picture and Billy Beane underline what they have always insisted: they are and will remain committed to Liverpool for some time to come.


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