Frontrunners 5G: Nice launches the first French network for commercial use


It’s now official: 5G – the latest generation of cellular networks and one of the fastest wireless technologies ever created – has set foot in France for commercial purposes. The first city to benefit from it is Nice. It is here, on the Côte d’Azur, that SFR launched the technology on Friday, November 20.

Innovation-driven development

Alain Weill, director of the mobile operator SFR, the first company to launch 3G, 4G and 5G in France, with the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi participated in the official presentation on Friday. According to Weill, the technology is available in half of the city’s territory as of today and within a few weeks this percentage will increase to 80. Users who have a smartphone and whose mobile plan covers 5G can already use it.

Meanwhile, other French cities are still debating the dangers of 5G. In September, the mayors of 11 major cities, including Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and 70 local elected officials, called for a moratorium on 5G. They dispute the usefulness of 5G and its benefits, as presented by the government and mobile operators.

On the contrary, according to these city representatives, 5G technology has a negative impact on the environment, as it will consume a lot of energy from non-renewable resources and create pollution. Clearly, Estrosi is not on the same wavelength regarding 5G:

« Its use will revolutionize the digital world and open up new avenues in research and everyday life. 5G is a major attraction for Nice and its metropolis. With it, we want to break the isolation of our territories and allow our communities to consider the development of new urban services.

The health and safety of the people of Nice are my priority. The deployment of 5G is the subject of the signature of a charter of recommendations integrating its new challenges by all telephone operators. If I had any doubts, I never would have signed up»Commented the mayor on occasion.

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