France to launch coronavirus vaccination campaign in January – France aims to start vaccination against Covid-19 in January


France is preparing to launch a nationwide vaccination campaign against Covid in January, as it hopes vaccines against the virus will be approved and available. It is reported by DW.

After American biotechnology Moderna announced a very high success rate in preventing Covid-19, French health authorities said they would be “immediately” ready to launch a mass vaccination campaign.

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“We are preparing a campaign to be ready to be launched as soon as a vaccine is approved by European and national health authorities”, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said.

Noting that the European Medicines Agency has said it may be ready to authorize a first vaccine by the end of the year, Attal said France had placed options on “several hundred million” doses. from different pharmaceutical companies.

The start of vaccination is scheduled for early January 2021; it is assumed that 30 to 40% of the inhabitants of the city will be vaccinated.

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France has budgeted 1.5 billion euros ($ 1.77 billion) to buy vaccines in 2021, Attal added.

The final choice will be for the vaccine “This gives us the best chance of containing the pandemic” without presenting “Even the slightest risk” for health, he said.

As we pointed out previously, France was able to cope with the peak of the second wave of coronavirus. In 10 days, the number of newly infected dropped considerably.

“For ten consecutive days, the number of new Covid-19 diagnoses has decreased, the number of positive tests and the incidence rate are decreasing. Therefore, everything indicates that we have overcome the peak of the epidemic. We are restoring control of the epidemic, and that is good news ”, Said the French Minister of Health.

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