France – Temporary employment down 10.3% in October: Prism’Emploi


November 30, 2020

Temporary employment in France fell by 10.3% in October 2020 compared to October 2019, according to data from Prism’Emploi, the French association of employment agencies.

The data on temporary employment did not include the impact of the second lockout in France which started from the end of October 2020.

The 10.3% drop in activity in October was an improvement over the 16.1% year-over-year decline in the previous month.

Prism’Emploi also noted that this month’s contraction is the 23rd consecutive monthly drop in temporary employment

Temporary employment increased in transport (14.6%), but decreased in trade (-6.3%), industry (-14.9%), construction (-15.8%) and services (-15.8%).

All qualifications saw a decrease in temporary employment in October. Temporary employment fell among salaried workers (-2.4%), unskilled workers (-8.6%), skilled workers (-13.6%) and managers and intermediate occupations (-14.6%) %).

In October 2020, only the Hauts-de-France region recorded a slight increase (0.9%). The largest drop was recorded in Île de France (16.5%) followed by Grand-Est (-14.9%).


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