France switches to 5G, but mobile white zones remain


The 5G network was officially activated in France on November 18 – but hundreds of municipalities remain in the deserts of the mobile network.A total 500 5G antennas are now working – including 116 branches in Paris, 95 in Marseille, 89 in Lille, 55 in Nantes, 54 in Montpellier, 24 in Lyon, 22 in Toulouse, 19 in Bordeaux and 5 in Rouen, but avid users will have to wait before they can access it . Operators are awaiting the green light from the National Radio Frequency Agency, according to Europe 1.

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Approval is expected before the end of the year – Orange has set itself the goal of deploying 5G in early December.

But, as mobile network operators prepare for the next phase of mobile telephony, many parts of France are falling behind.

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Since 2018, some 2,066 “white areas”, where mobile phone coverage is weak or non-existent, have been identified, according to France Télévisions. A total of 462 areas included in this number were – nominally – covered by 4G.

The 450 inhabitants of the village of Saint-Mard-de-Réno in Orne – nestled between a forest and a hill – struggle to receive any type of mobile signal. They say the problem discourages potential newcomers to the area. They were promised a telephone relay … by August 2021.

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