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Charles-Henri Gallois has listed a number of benefits of severing ties with Brussels in a series of social media posts. Mr Gallois said leaving the EU would allow France to decide its own trade, immigration and health policies.

He tweeted: “UK is gaining new powers to prevent foreign companies from buying strategic assets.“They will be able to block a transaction even five years after its conclusion.

“France, powerless in the face of EU treaties, sells all of its flagship products. ”

In another tweet, he said Brexit has allowed Britain to regain control of its borders.

He said: “The UK, thanks to Brexit, is taking back control of its borders and migration policy.

“We are also taking back control! Let’s take control! “

Mr Gallois also said France would have been in a better position to formulate a health policy on COVID-19 vaccines if it worked outside EU rules.

He tweeted: “Hopefully this vaccine will be more effective than Gilead’s remdesivir for which the EU has spent 175 million euros. This is a commitment of nearly 5 billion euros.

“France must decide on its own health policy. ”

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The Frexit movement gained popularity in France during the pandemic, as citizens questioned the role of Brussels in such a crisis.

Frexiteer Florian Philippot, founder of France’s radical Eurosceptic party The Patriots, last month warned of Brussels’ power over member states and reiterated his call to leave the bloc.

He told his social media followers: “When you stay in the EU you end up complying!

“Good lesson to consider. Frexit quickly! “

In a message on Twitter, Mr Philippot said: “Much of France is falling into poverty.

“More than ever, a public security program, the basis of which is the recovery of our sovereignty in all areas, is necessary.

“Frexit, nationalization of banks, increase in wages and pensions.”

The former MEP’s desire to see France follow Britain out of the EU has garnered widespread support on social media from some citizens who claim that joining the bloc has been a “disaster For their country.

(Additional reporting by Maria Ortega)


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