France leads the world in Covid-19 skepticism


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                Des résultats d'essais prometteurs ont fait naître l'espoir qu'un vaccin Covid-19 sera bientôt en route.  Mais le vaccin s'avérera-t-il efficace si beaucoup refusent de le prendre?  La question inquiète les autorités françaises où les taux d'hésitation à la vaccination sont parmi les plus élevés au monde.

                                    <p>Une récente étude Ipos a révélé que seulement 54% des Français déclarent qu'ils recevraient un vaccin Covid-19 s'il en existait un, le taux le plus bas de tous les pays étudiés.

“The acceptance of vaccination in general is lower in France than abroad, and even lower for Covid”, told AFP Antoine Bristielle, professor of social sciences who studied attitudes to regarding vaccines in France.

“We notice that there is an age factor: the older the elderly, the more they tend to want to be vaccinated. There is also a gender factor since women consent less to the vaccine than men, and above all one of the important reasons to refuse vaccination is a strong mistrust of political institutions and a mistrust of scientists. ”

Research has shown that participation rates may have to reach 80% for a vaccine to end the pandemic, and some French politicians have suggested making the vaccine mandatory.

“I am in favor of compulsory vaccination if necessary”, recently declared the President of the Senate Gérard Larcher on French television. “When you get vaccinated, it’s not just for yourself, it’s a form of solidarity and protection for the whole of society. ”

Meanwhile, in the streets of the capital Paris on Thursday, opinion remained divided.

“There may be some side effects we don’t know about yet, like the regular flu shot,” said one woman, who declined to give her name. “We are always looking for a vaccine at all costs quickly, but that doesn’t mean that it will be really effective. We don’t know at the moment, so I won’t take the risk, that’s for sure. ”

“If they don’t want to do it, they don’t want to do it,” said retiree Marie-France. “But I will because I’m 66 years old. My health is fragile and I will. “



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