Former security officials warn Donald Trump won’t keep state secrets


U.S. security experts fear Donald Trump may not be able to keep state secrets when he leaves the White House and should not be allowed to receive future intelligence briefings, according to reports.

The US president, who has regularly broken precedents in the past and revealed US secrets, is said to be online for briefings even when he leaves the White House.

But, as security experts told NBC News this week, the president could also prove vulnerable to the sale of these secrets to the country’s adversaries and, on that basis, should no longer have access to sessions. information.

“Is it a risk?” said David Preiss, a former CIA agent who wrote the President’s Book of Secrets, on Intelligence and Presidents. “If it was someone asking for a security clearance, it would be a risk.”

Mr Preiss, who briefed former President George HW Bush as a CIA agent, was among a number of security experts who raised their concerns to NBC News.

Jack Goldsmith, who was a senior Justice Department official in the George W. Bush administration, said “it was easy to imagine” Mr. Trump would be denied additional information when he left office. .

“It’s not something you could have imagined with other presidents, but it’s easy to imagine with this one,” the former official said.

“He has shown as president that he doesn’t take secrecy very seriously. He has a known tendency to disregard rules related to national security. And he has a known tendency to enjoy selling things that are precious to him. “

Mr Trump reportedly briefed the Russian Ambassador and Foreign Minister in 2017 with sensitive information about terrorist threats that had not been shared with US allies, while on Twitter in 2019 he posted shared what experts called a secret satellite photo of an Iranian nuclear facility.

And, after boasting of a new line of “super duper missiles” in May this year, Mr. Trump appeared to force the Pentagon and the Defense Department to reluctantly confirm that they were “working on the development of ‘a range of hypersonic missiles to counter our adversaries. . “

Former presidents receive briefings before traveling overseas, or when the current president wants to consult them, but Mr. Trump doesn’t think he did, along with former President Barack Obama, according to NBC News.

Mr. Trump’s overseas businesses and investments are among the most complicated of any president, with interests in a number of countries, including Russia and China.


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