Former CIA boss said Ted Cruz was ‘unworthy’ of Texas in Twitter argument over murder of Iran


Former CIA Director John Brennan called Senator Ted Cruz “unworthy of representing the good people of Texas” as the two argued online over the murder of an Iranian scientist known to lead the the country’s secret nuclear program

The former CIA boss lamented that the assassination, apparently linked to Israel, triggers regional instability and warned that “Iranian leaders would do well to wait for responsible American leadership to return to the world stage.” presumably a reference to the elected president. Joe Biden, that he publicly supported.

Iran insists its nuclear program is only for peaceful uses like energy, and condemned the attack as an “act of state terror.”

The death of Mr. Fakhrizadeh, combined with the January US attack that killed Qassim Suliemani, an Iranian military and intelligence official with deep influence across the Middle East, further strained relations between states- United with Iran, which has been strained throughout the Trump presidency.

President Trump withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal that placed certain limits on Iran’s weapons development capabilities, and he has since imposed crushing sanctions that development experts say could cause serious damage aid workers to the nation as it battles a coronavirus outbreak.

The conflict over the murder is a reminder that despite all the ways in which domestic conflicts have marked the Trump presidency, the president has also presided over a number of substantive changes in US foreign policy.

Some have been more public and discussed a lot, like his early decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accords, while others, like Mr. Trump’s expansion and the continued obscuring of the US drone program. Targeted murderers have been much less controversial areas than they were during the Obama administration.


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