Ford buys extremely cold freezers for coronavirus vaccines


Illustration from article titled Ford buys extremely cold freezers for coronavirus vaccines for its workers

Photo: Ford

Ford at one point estimated he would lose $ 5 billion due to the pandemic, and even if it later said the number turned out to be $ 1.9 billion, factory closures at one point really looked like an existential threat. Which means that in the future, Ford will do almost anything to avoid this again. How is it tThe company found itself ordering ultra-cold freezers this week. It has been a strange year.

Ford has ordered 12, according to Reuters. Freezers are needed to store the vaccine developed by Pfizer. This vaccine should be stored at -94 degrees Fahrenheit, or much cooler than a typical freezer. Freezers won’t make that much money for Ford – Reuters says they typically cost up to $ 15,000 each, or up to $ 180,000 for a dozen of them, which is pocket change for a business like Ford – but as a symbol of the odd of everything. got, they’re hard to beat.

“We are doing this so that we can make the vaccine available to our employees on a voluntary basis,” said Ford spokeswoman Kelli Felker.

Details on how Ford will use the freezers, which are expected to ship by the end of the year, are still being worked out, she said.


Felker did not know which company supplied Ford with the freezers. Some manufacturers of specialty freezers have warned of waiting months for units.

Auto workers won’t be the first to get the vaccine, of course – they would be healthcare workers – but Ford wants to be able to get started when the vaccine becomes more widely available and, thinking longer term. , avoid COVID- 19 stops for good. The fact that the vaccines are “voluntary” is somewhat interesting, although I have to imagine that most workers at Ford, if not all, will rush to get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available to them. Or at least I would.


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