Football legend Diego Maradona to undergo surgery for possible brain hemorrhage


Diego Maradona will be operated on Tuesday due to possible brain bleeding, his personal doctor said.”He is awake, understands everything and agrees with the intervention,” Dr Leopoldo Luque told reporters.

Maradona has a subdural hematoma, which is a pool of blood between a membrane and her brain, said Luque, a neurologist. He said the problem was likely caused by an accident, but Maradona said he did not recall the event.

The 1986 World Cup champion was transported to the Olivos clinic in La Plata, south of Buenos Aires. If the operation is successful, Maradona could return home after 48 hours, her doctor said.

Donato Villani, the chief medical officer of the Argentina national team, told TyC Sports television channel that such surgery normally goes well, “but it’s different with Diego”, citing Maradona’s past treatment. for heart problems and his drug and alcohol use.

Maradona was admitted to the Ipensa clinic with signs of depression on Monday, three days after his 60th birthday.

Anemic, dehydrated

Luque said Maradona, whose ‘Hand of God’ goal against England is among the most controversial in World Cup history, had felt sad for about a week and refused to eat before arrive at the clinic.

“He’s anemic and a little dehydrated, we need to fix that,” Luque said.

Maradona, the coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima, has been living in La Plata since the end of 2019, when he became the coach of Gimnasia.

Maradona turned 60 on Friday and showed up that night for Gimnasia’s national championship game against Patronato, which his side won 3-0. He left before the end of the first half, which raised questions about his health.

Earlier on Tuesday, the former Barcelona, ​​Napoli and Boca Juniors star said he felt better.

“Diego is feeling a lot better than yesterday and wants to leave,” Luque said Tuesday morning. “He spent the night well and we joked. I want one more day to stay. ”

Maradona led Argentina to a World Cup championship in 1986. He has continued to spark controversy since his heyday as a player, being fired from the 1994 World Cup in the United States for doping and quitting and quitting of the game as a coach.


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