Florida becomes last state to exceed 2016 turnout just five hours after vote


Florida became the last state to surpass the 2016 voter turnout after less than five hours of voting.

The count was announced at 11:47 a.m., with polling stations opening at 7 a.m.

The polls in the state do not close before 7 p.m.

In 2016, 9.4 million people, or 75% of all eligible voters, voted in Florida, according to state records.

As of Monday, nearly nine million people had voted, meaning it didn’t take long to overtake the 2016 total. The last day of early voting was Sunday, with “Souls to the Polls” events taking place in black churches across the state to try to encourage participation.

Monday’s totals from the State Elections Division show that through mailing and early voting, 3.5 million registered Democrats voted against 3.4 million Republicans. Another 2.1 million non-party and affiliated third-party voters also voted.

Most analysts also expect more Republicans to vote on election day.

Four years ago, Hillary Clinton entered Election Day with a lead of around 240,000 votes, but lost to Mr. Trump in Florida by 113,000 votes because Republicans outnumbered Democrats in last day of polling.

In Gadsden County, Florida’s only black-majority county, a steady stream of voters cast their ballots in the first week of early voting.

Florida’s record 83% turnout was set in the 1992 presidential election.


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