First flight to UAE with Israeli tourists landing in Dubai


The first passenger flight carrying Israeli tourists to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) landed in Dubai on Sunday, a historic moment that seemed to herald a new level of economic cooperation in the Middle East.Sunday’s flight comes weeks after the two countries signed a landmark peace deal normalizing relations under the leadership of the U.S. It reportedly included a delegation of Jewish and Arab Israelis, including some who had previously been to the United States. United Arab Emirates and others who were looking for new business opportunities. , reported The Associated Press.

“There is no doubt that normalization between Israel and the UAE will bring good things and benefit the Arabs inside Israel. There is no doubt about it, ”Hussein Suleiman, head of an Arab business delegation and participant in the flight, told the PA. “We support this agreement and standardization, and we are here today to normalize standardization in reality.”

The flight was organized by FlyDubai, a tourism organization that plans to begin flights from the United Arab Emirates to Tel Aviv in the coming weeks.

UAE leaders formally ended their nation’s boycott of Israel earlier this year and attended a signing ceremony for the so-called Abraham’s Accords at the White House in September as part of the historic thaw relations between the two nations. A telephone service between the two countries has also been established.

This move appears to have led to the UAE’s purchase of F-35s from the US, as the UAE has long sought access to the aircraft but has faced resistance from US officials who have discouraged any initiative that would threaten Israel’s military domination in the region. These fears appear to have been allayed as the Israeli government has signaled that it will not oppose a potential sale.


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