EVA Air launches “flight to nowhere” speed dating


(CNN) – It may be less spiritual than the Buddhist flight chanting mantras in Thailand, but EVA Air’s latest ‘flight to nowhere’ idea could be just as magical – helping people find love in the world. sky.

EVA Airways, one of Taiwan’s largest carriers, is partnering with travel experience company Mobius for a campaign called “Fly! Love is in the Air ”. These are single flights on Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.

“Thanks to Covid-19, EVA Air has organized ‘fake travel’ experiences to satisfy people’s desire to travel. When single men and women travel, in addition to enjoying the fun of travel, they may wish to meet someone – like a scene in a romantic film, “Chiang Tsung-Wei, spokesperson for You and Me, the Mobius’ speed dating arm, CNN Travel told CNN.

Each of the dating experiences includes a three-hour flight from Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei and circling the airspace over Taiwan, plus two additional hours of a romantic date in Earth.

Participants are encouraged to have in-depth conversations with each other on board while enjoying meals prepared by Michelin-starred chef Motoke Nakamura. They are also encouraged to keep their masks on when not eating or drinking.

Each of the three trips varies slightly. The Christmas Day flight will be followed by an afternoon snack on solid ground. The New Years Eve date will begin with a candlelight dinner before guests board the plane, where they will count together until 2021. The New Years Eve date will be a breakfast date.

Flight attendants will double as “love cupids” on EVA Air’s speed dating flight, event organizer Mobius says on its poster.

Courtesy of EVA Air

“Flights to nowhere” became a trend in Asia and the Pacific during the coronavirus pandemic. Until now, most of these flights – which have come from cities like Hong Kong, Sydney, and Taipei – have focused on sightseeing, with travelers enjoying aerial views of famous landmarks.

For passengers on twinning flights who want to look out the window as well as other singles, EVA Air daytime flights fly over the east coast of Taiwan, where they can see the mountain ranges that stretch out from Hualien City. north to Taitung. Southern city.

The night flight will cross the west coast of the island, where they will see Taiwan’s cities illuminated in the dark.

Unlike a conventional flight, there is no window or aisle to choose in advance. Participants will be seated pair by pair by draw. However, they will be free to move around and chat with other travelers during shore meals.

All three routes end with a hearty “confession” section where participants reveal who they clicked with.

“The biggest benefit of speed dating on a flight comes from the seriousness of our participants,” says Chiang. “In addition to bringing together participants with sufficient purchasing power, it also attracts a group of singles who love to travel. With the same values, it stimulates the motivation of participants to meet and helps facilitate their conversation from the start.

However, not all singles could participate in the flights.

Each flight can only accommodate 40 passengers – 20 men and 20 women. Participants must be university graduates with Taiwanese citizenship.

The event welcomes men between 28 and 38 years old and women between 24 and 35 years old.

Age specifications had a negative effect online.

“According to the various surveys that we have carried out, most of the male participants would like to meet women who are younger than them, while the participants would like to meet men who are older than them. That’s why there is a different age requirement for the event, ”says Chiang, adding“ But you and I have organized different dating events that cater to different age groups. “

The charge for each trip is TWD 8388 ($ 295) per person. All tickets for the first Christmas flight are already sold out.


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