European governments seize terrorist attacks in France and Vienna to build police state


European governments are responding to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Nice, Dresden and Vienna by adopting the political agenda of the far right. Under the pretext of the “war on terror”, EU leaders and European leaders agreed on Tuesday on a massive extension of “Fortress Europe”, the de facto abolition of the right to asylum and the creation of what amounts to a police state.”The work at the government level aims to align our different services and authorities and to better coordinate our efforts to fight terrorism, radicalization with many targeted measures,” French President Emmanuel Macron said at a press conference joint with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and former German Minister of Defense.

French President Emmanuel Macron in front of the coffin of assassinated professor Samuel Paty in the courtyard of Sorbonne University on October 21, 2020 in Paris (AP Photo / Francois Mori, Pool)

“The task now is to implement these measures in a coherent way, for example the interoperability of databases, the linking of our databases and the cooperation of our security services also at the external borders.” Another topic “which we discussed was the determination with which we want to fight terrorist propaganda and hate speech on the Internet,” Macron added. “We are working to ensure that in the coming weeks a regulation on the removal and removal of terrorist content within one hour is adopted.”

“We also need to work on a reform of the Schengen rules,” Macron said. “This means that we must strengthen and better defend the external borders of the European Union and that we must better control and implement the functioning of the Schengen rules … I hope that we can soon set up a real Security Council . ”

Merkel also called for a strengthening of Europe’s external borders and increased censorship, stressing that “the German Presidency of the Council still wanted to finalize the regulation on the prevention of the dissemination of terrorist content on the Internet”. She boasted: “We recently gave our security authorities in Germany new opportunities” to monitor “courier services. [such as Telegram] and surveillance. ”

Von der Leyen followed the same line, announcing that the European Commission’s 2018 proposal to prevent terrorist content online “will now be finalized in the Council and Parliament trilogue”. She said it was important to “focus on the speed with which this terrorist content is removed. It is essential to be quick. This will also involve “making the main internet platforms more accountable in the fight against illegal and harmful online content”. To this end, the so-called digital services law will be “presented in a few weeks”.

What this means is clear. Under the guise of the fight against “terrorist content”, censorship of left-wing content and websites in particular will be extended. It wasn’t until October 28 that Sundar Pichai, CEO of parent company Google Alphabet, admitted in a hearing before the US Senate that Google’s search engine is censoring it. World Socialist Web Site.

The new directive will force internet giants like YouTube and Facebook, which work closely with secret services and governments and already heavily censor left-wing and progressive content, to remove articles, videos or other messages even faster. “Harmful”.


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