Etches: ‘Too early to celebrate’ as new COVID-19 cases drop to 11


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The number of people going for tests tends to drop on weekends and peak in the middle of the week, Etches said, leading to “variations” in the number of test results that come back from the lab on any given day. .

“So I don’t think we can’t do too many 11 (new cases). In fact, it could be much higher tomorrow and I would expect, on average, to be similar to what we were last week, ”Etches said. “We’re turning the curve, but it’s not going down quickly.

“What makes me think we’re more in a stable situation than a really clear decline is that the hospitalizations are still pretty stable,” Etches said. “They were 60, now they’ve dropped to 47, which is good, but that’s still where they’ve been for almost two months.

Etches said COVID-19 hospitalizations have been a “stable indicator” of the level of infection in the community, “and that is why it is too early to celebrate.

Two additional deaths linked to COVID-19 were also reported on Tuesday. Of the 47 people hospitalized with COVID-19 in Ottawa, five are in intensive care.

Etches was skeptical when asked if Ottawa could see a “green Christmas” – hitting the “green level” in the next four or five weeks.

Earlier today, Premier Doug Ford and Health Minister Christine Elliott attributed a controversial comment from Dr David Williams to his optimistic nature when he suggested all regions of Ontario could go green of the pre-Christmas pandemic restrictions framework, if everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do.


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