Eric Dier backs Dele Alli to ‘get to work’ to save Tottenham career


When asked if his friend and teammate could turn things around at Spurs, Dier replied: “Yes, of course. Dele has the ability, we all know his quality, we all know what he brings, he has shown it in the past.

“It’s really up to him to do the work, the effort, the commitment and I’m sure he will.

 Dier a soutenu Dele pour ressusciter sa carrière

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Dier supported Dele to resurrect his career

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“That’s who he is, he’s always had that motivation. It’s up to him to decide, it’s in his hands and it’s in our hands.

“Individually we all have to perform, we have a very big team and we all have to perform at the highest level if we are to play. “

“We’re happy with the current situation, but we could be happier,” Dier said. “If you watch some games – Newcastle’s game with the penalty was very difficult to understand.

“The Everton game was not acceptable, then the West Ham game: the same, really frustrating to be 3-0 and it was really important for us to get out of the goal at home, to get the win and obviously we have improved. massively far from home, which was really our downfall last season.

“It’s great to be up and running with a home win and we’ll just look to keep working hard, keep moving forward.

“It’s very early but our motivation is clear. For us, we go into every game to try to win. We know this is not possible but it is our ambition. We go into every game, no matter the competition, believing that we can win.

“It’s a great feeling and it’s a great feeling to have. This is the goal and the manager sets the tone from above. It’s very early but we are focusing game by game and trying to win every game we play.

“I can’t say much more because we’re really focused on ourselves and we’re focused on Thursday now, the Europa League game,” Dier added.

“The work with the manager has been great because you know where you are in every game and he wants to win it and the focus is all on that. This is its goal, regardless of the competition. This is still his goal and our goal.


Spurs gain momentum with Mourinho

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“Anything other than that, it’s up to others to discuss. I guess we’re really focused on the moment.

“It was very difficult for everyone and the circumstances around them. The short preseason, people are starting at different times, but I think things are going to gradually get back to normal. ”


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