Entire Liverpool City area to undergo massive Covid-19 testing


The rest of the Liverpool City area is expected to undergo mass testing for covid-19, the government has confirmed. The boroughs of Wirral, Knowsley, Sefton, St Helens and Halton will be among the areas to watch Liverpool with offering mass testing and rapid treatment of the virus.

Warrington, which is outside of the city area, will also be included.

It follows the successful launch of a pilot test program in the city of Liverpool, where 23,000 people have come forward for testing since midday Friday.

So far, more than 150 people, who were not suffering from symptoms and otherwise would not have been tested, have tested positive for the virus and have requested to self-isolate.

More than half a million fast-rotating lateral flow tests will be sent by NHS Test and Trace to local public health leaders this week, signaling the next phase of the government’s plan to expand asymptomatic testing for COVID- 19, the Prime Minister announced today.

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This new testing technology – which is already being rolled out as part of Liverpool city-wide testing that began on Friday – can deliver results within an hour without needing to be processed in a lab.

Testing kits will be handed out to more than 50 public health directors across England this week, to enable local teams to lead and deliver community testing based on their local knowledge.

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Each will receive a batch of 10,000 antigen lateral flow devices as part of a new pilot project to enable them to begin testing priority groups.

Public health directors will determine how to prioritize the assignment of these new tests, based on the specific needs of their communities, and determine how local populations are tested.

They will be supported by NHS Test and Trace to expand testing programs in their area through access to training and clinical and operational advice.

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This initial batch of 600,000 batches will then be followed by a weekly allocation of lateral flow antigen tests.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has now written to all senior local authority leaders, confirming that all public health directors will be offered this weekly allowance, equivalent to 10% of their population.

Mass test of Liverpool Covid-19

The health ministry said public health directors have been prioritized for the first phase of rapid testing in the community based on the local prevalence of COVID-19 and expressions of interest in the health ministry and of Social Affairs (DHSC).

Matt Hancock, said: “Last week we rolled out mass testing in Liverpool using rapid new technology so that we can detect this virus faster than ever, even in people who are not showing symptoms. Mass testing is an essential tool to help us. control this virus and return to a more normal life.

“I am delighted to announce that 10,000 of these tests will now be sent by NHS Test and Trace to over 50 public health directors as part of our asymptomatic testing strategy. I would like to thank all the directors of public health for their support and efforts. these past few months to help us fight this virus, get it under control, and get the country back to what we love to do. ”

More details on how each council in our region will operate the testing program are expected shortly.


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