English lockdown tightens travel restrictions in France


The new foreclosure rules in place in England from today strengthen the rule that only ‘essential’ travel is allowed at present.This particularly applies to those looking to travel from England to France, although similar advice generally also applies for travel in both directions between the UK and France.

The British Foreign Office, Commonwealth and Development had already received advice in force before today that only “essential” travel should be made in France. This “advice” was not legally binding, but could mean eg. that many travel insurance policies are invalid if you travel ignoring this.

However, from today, the councils have strengthened to state that “travel away from home, including abroad, is prohibited from England, except in limited circumstances such as work or studies – you must follow all the rules that apply to you ”.

England’s foreclosure rules are roughly similar to those in France and travel is allowed for: charitable work and volunteering; legal obligations and transactions related to buying, selling or renting a house; formal education (no extracurricular activities) and childcare; medical and funeral reasons and exercise outdoors.

It is also possible to make “compassionate visits,” such as visiting someone who is dying or in labor, or visiting someone in a nursing home or hospital.

Finally, you can also visit those in another household designated as your “support bubble” (this means a household with one person living alone plus another household), providing “emergency assistance”, receiving support. respite care or participating in a “support group of up to 15 people”. The latter does not refer to socialization but eg. to formal situations such as group therapy.

Thus, reasons for traveling to France could include, for example, providing “emergency assistance” to loved ones in France or visiting a sick or dying relative. However, you shouldn’t just spend time in a French vacation home for example.

Fines can be imposed in England for anyone breaking the rules, starting from £ 200. The rules are in place at least until December 2.

Other points to keep in mind

  • France is also in lockdown. This means that if you are traveling from the UK to France, once in France, the police or gendarmes may ask you for a certificate form explaining why you are traveling. The reasons may include “a compelling family reason” or the return to your main residence in France.

  • Due to French foreclosure rules, you will also need a certificate if you are traveling from France to the UK, stating reasons such as essential business travel or ‘imperative family reasons’. If you are not a French resident, returning to your UK residence is acceptable and you should check the ‘family reason’ box in this case, perhaps also adding a hand note on the return to your home.
  • With regard to UK travel insurance and travel to France, the risk is particularly of invalidation if you are deemed to have ignored the rule of “essential” travel, for example by visiting for a purely social reason. . Some insurers say their policies are never affected by this and that you should speak to your insurer if in doubt. British Ehics remain valid for health care in France despite these problems.
  • When you come to France, travel agencies will usually ask you to swear an affidavit that you do not have symptoms of Covid-19

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