England – Iceland: Albania could host the League of Nations


Raheem Sterling scored a penalty as England beat Iceland 1-0 in Reykjavik in September

Albania have emerged as the main contenders to host England’s Nations League game against Iceland next Wednesday if necessary.

The game is in doubt due to the UK government’s new travel ban on non-UK visitors from Denmark.

Iceland are set to face Denmark in Copenhagen three days before facing England at Wembley on November 18.

If the ban remains in place, the Albanian Football Federation is willing to provide a neutral venue.

The Football Association is awaiting clarification from the government but is exploring all options.

Since June, elite athletes have been exempted from travel restrictions linked to coronaviruses.

The restrictions on Denmark were implemented over concerns over a new strain of coronavirus that has spread from mink to humans.

The latest rules, which went into effect on Saturday at 04:00 GMT, will be revised after a week, the Transport Department said.

UEFA’s coronavirus protocols state that international matches can be rescheduled on a date set by European football’s governing body, or be played at a neutral venue if necessary.

BBC Sport has learned that rescheduling is not an option. UEFA, which will have the final decision on any neutral venue, is expected to look into the matter.


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