Edmonton Restaurant Owners Decide To Close In-Person Meals As COVID-19 Cases Continue To Rise


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Ingraham supports the idea of ​​a “circuit breaker” to have a sharp, short lockout to control the spread of COVID-19 and hopes the province will realize that companies are ready to help frontline healthcare workers.

“What we would like to do is have this, in a way send a larger message that we are willing to take the sacrifice to make sure that we don’t downgrade the health care system and that we keep Albertans as safe. as possible, ”Ingraham said.

John Ahn, owner of NongBu Korean Eatery, said that by shutting down meals in person, they are able to control what is happening in their space. He likened the decision to recycling.

“By recycling a plastic bag we are not going to save the planet on our own, but if everyone is doing their part then we can achieve something,” said Ahn.

“Same goes here, I mean closing our doors maybe won’t have a huge impact, maybe won’t bring the numbers down in the city, but if everyone starts to do, then we’ll see a gradual decrease. to simply say that we have done our part.

On Thursday, the province announced that all restaurants, bars, lounges and pubs in regions with improved COVID-19 status were to stop alcohol sales by 10 p.m. and close by 11 p.m. The restriction is expected to last two weeks.

In a podcast released on Tuesday, Kenney responded to recent calls for a shutdown of the “circuit breaker” to prevent the growing spread of COVID-19.

Data sharing, he said, refutes “pro-lockdown folks,” Kenney said that less than 1% – or 0.16% of hotel businesses – have experienced an outbreak since March.

There have been 18 outbreaks at 15 restaurants linked to 261 confirmed cases without hospitalization or death.

But that came with a “caveat,” he said. “We don’t follow up 100% of cases. There is 40% of unknown origin (case). ”

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