Edmonton Public Schools Prepare to Take High Schools Online


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“We’re ready to go on the Internet, we can, we have the resources,” Robertson said.

Robertson was not available for comment after the government announcement.

Earlier today, he said the division was struggling to keep up with the demand for substitute teachers. He said there were more than 100 vacant teaching positions on Tuesday.

“We’ve had almost 150,000 student days in segregation this year and we’ve had just over 16,000 employee days in segregation this year,” Robertson said. “Last week we had 335 isolated staff and almost 3,000 isolated students, with about 86 of our schools with isolated students and staff.

At the start of the meeting, Board Chair Trisha Estabrooks confirmed that the EPSB had not received any word from the province regarding the new restrictions for schools.

“Today’s announcement will help stop the spread in our province and in our schools. It also means more change for our students, staff and families, ”Estabrooks tweeted after the meeting. ” To be clear, school divisions were not made aware of this announcement from the provincial government. Not a single idea. It’s a massive change, and EPSB can do that, we’ll be ready to welcome Grades 7-12 online, but a warning would have been nice. “

Estabrooks will provide further media commentary on Wednesday morning.

NDP opposition leader Rachel Notley criticized the government for what she called a lack of consultation or support from school boards ahead of the announcement.


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