EDITORIAL: Personal health and COVID-19


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“More and more research is starting to show that getting enough vitamin D each day can be an important factor in protecting yourself from COVID-19,” explains an article on the Postmedia Healthing.ca portal.

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The vitamin D issue has inspired a number of headlines in Canada and around the world. But there has been very little on this issue coming from public health – not in their press conferences, statements or social media posts.

Maybe they dispute the research. Perhaps they think it is too premature to offer an assessment. Either way, it would be great to hear more from our officials on these issues.

Canadians develop severe fatigue from COVID-19 and it’s hard to blame them.

While we certainly hope that everyone will continue to wear masks, wash their hands and practice physical distancing, some of the current restrictions appear excessive and are not linked to any proven data.

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People make choices about their individual risk assessments. They should be given as much information as possible on how to live with COVID-19 in a safe and responsible manner.

Hopefully this includes information on personal health, wellness, and nutrition. Not just by listening to candid edicts from above on the activities we can and cannot do.


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