Economic recovery team chairman speaks on health care


The president of the province’s economic stimulus team says we can’t avoid uncomfortable conversations about our health care system as we try to create an economic plan to move forward.Dame Moya Greene was appointed in September by Andrew Furey to lead the team.

Speaking at the Newfoundland and Labrador Municipalities Conference last night, Greene was asked if his team was willing to have “uncomfortable” conversations about shutting down rural hospitals in favor of regionalization in other areas. larger regions.

Greene says health care accounts for about 25 percent of the province’s total spending and that’s a conversation we need to have. However, she notes that her team will be guided on this front by the advice of the Health Accord NL team and that she will be attentive to the advice of that team on the subject.

She notes, however, that to be successful, we need to be more aware of our future needs, rather than focusing on what was needed 25 years ago.


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