‘Dr B’: discreet university educator poised to break barriers as first lady | American News


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Jill Biden has gone to great lengths to keep her status as a political wife under the radar of her students, to whom she is simply known as “Dr. B”.

During her eight years in the Obama administration as Second Lady (she preferred the title of “Vice Team Captain”), Dr. Biden continued to teach composition in English at Northern Virginia Community College. (Nova). She even demanded that Secret Service agents accompanying her to work dress up as students.

And when the 69-year-old becomes America’s next first lady, she’ll be the first to continue her professional career in the role. But this time, when she returns to her day job in January, she may find it hard to keep a low profile.

Student Karolina Straznikiewicz, 27, was taught by Dr Biden before going on leave earlier this year to join her husband, President-elect Joe Biden, on the election trail. Straznikiewicz spent his first lesson trying to figure out why his teacher seemed so familiar to him.

“My brain was telling me that it’s so impossible for a second lady from America to teach at a community college around here… I’m pretty sure a lot of the students in the class had no idea who she was until. ‘at the end of the semester. “

Joe and Jill Biden in Wilmington, Delaware on November 7, 2020. Photograph: Andrew Harnik / AFP / Getty Images

But now Straznikiewicz thinks Dr B’s blanket needs to be destroyed. This year, Dr Biden has traveled the country on the campaign trail as a valued and energetic advocate for her husband, giving television interviews and speaking at drive-through rallies.


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