Doctor Hilary ‘breaks’ COVID rules on Good Morning Britain leaving Piers and Susanna mortified


Dr Hilary Jones sounded the alarm on Tuesday in the Good Morning Britain studio when he ‘broke’ the coronavirus rules live, prompting Susanna Reid to shout orders at him.The TV Doctor has been an almost constant presence on our TV screens, since the first lockdown began, always reiterating to viewers at home how important it is to comply with government regulations during the pandemic.

So his fellow GMBs and millions of people watching the show this morning couldn’t believe it when he got a little too close to his co-star Richard Arnold.

Richard celebrated his 51st birthday on the show, and relinquishing his spot for “the birthday boy,” Dr. Hilary rushed into the studio as he entered the studio, triggering a panicked cry of. Susanna who shouted: “No you can’t, no no No No No.

“Stay socially distanced.

“Oh my god, oh my god… I mean honestly you’d think Dr Hilary would.”

In agreement with his co-host, Piers Morgan rang: “You are too close! ”

GMB viewers were quick to voice their concern, with a tweet: “Love the social distance between Dr Hilary and Richard Arnold this morning, if they had been closer they could have kissed, practice what you preach that comes to my mind, and I was especially surprised by the good doctor. ”

A second responded: “Does Dr Hilary Jones only work on GMB & Lorraine or does he work in surgery or in the hospital still doesn’t seem to be doing much on TV”


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