Discovery’s VFX supervisor talks about new designs


From the distant future of Star Trek: Discovery.

From the Far Future of Star Trek: Discovery.
Image: CBS

Another week, another interesting Star Trek: Discovery interview. This one concerns visual effects.

VFX Supervisor Jason Zimmerman had an interesting challenge ahead of him as he faced the work of Season Three of Star Trek: Discovery: Establishing the visual language for an entirely new era in the series’ canon, which is further removed from established times than anything we’ve ever seen in the series. What should it look like? How true should he be to what came before? Would he even be recognizable to our heroes?

Speaking to Wil Wheaton for “The Ready Room,” Zimmerman discusses the challenge and in particular the difficulty of, say, designing a new version of Federation Headquarters or Voyager. It’s a delicate balance, as he shares, wanting to develop new things while also capturing something fans can recognize and claim as their own.

Honestly, it would be a pretty compelling interview show if Wheaton just let the guests talk more. All the same, Zimmerman has some really interesting things to say here. Discovery goes to fascinating places, and Zimmerman’s role in shaping the visual language of those places is meaningful and truly interesting.

Star Trek: Discovery airs weekly on CBS All Access.

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