Diane Abbott apologizes after sharing her platform with a group that denies Uyghur atrocities against human rights


Diane Abbott apologized after attending an event with activists who deny China’s human rights violations against Uyghurs.The former shadowy interior minister has come under fire from across the political divide after joining an online meeting chaired by a group called the Qiao Collective, which claims Western governments have issued ” false ”allegations of slavery and genocide by China against the Uyghurs.

Tom Tugendhat, Chairman of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, tweeted: “They are persecuted for their faith and ethnicity by the Chinese Communist Party and their persecutors are supported by people with whom you are happy to share a platform.

Owen Jones, the left-wing author, said Ms Abbott was wrong to share an online platform with “apologists for China’s atrocities against Muslim Uyghurs”, but also criticized the double standard being applied to the left and to a black woman.

In her apology, Ms Abbott said: “I had no idea that there were people on the call who denied the Chinese harassment and massacres of Muslims in Uyghur (sic). The treatment of these communities is a violation of human rights.

“The Labor Party and I condemn the human rights violations in Uyghur. I apologize if my involvement in the Saturday event sent a different message. I continue to campaign against racism and for human rights internationally.

It came as 20 lawmakers and peers wrote to Foreign Minister Dominic Raab demanding travel bans and asset freezes against six top Chinese officials named and two organizations linked to Uyghur human rights violations in China.

MPs led by former cabinet minister Tim Loughton and including former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said there was enough evidence to justify their inclusion on a sanctions list.

They presented a brief detailing the allegations against the Eight, as it is understood that the Foreign Ministry is expected to announce potential sanctions against China soon for alleged “ethnic cleansing” of Uyghurs.


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