Details on the dismissal of the Champion 8 times; Four-time WWE Champion’s new look for the comeback; The Survivor Final series team member decided; Roman Reigns update (November 20)


Welcome to another edition of the major behind-the-scenes rumors of SmackDown that could have a major impact. WWE is ready for the Survivor series this weekend, which will see the SmackDown Superstars face off against RAW Superstars. Along with the traditional five-on-five Survivor series matches, we’ll also see Roman Reigns take on Drew McIntyre among other big matches.In this edit of the article, we’ll talk about what the future holds for Roman Reigns and his title reign, why Drew McIntyre is once again the WWE Champion, and much more.

So without further ado, let us dive in and find out about the five biggest SmackDown rumors and stories:

# 5 SmackDown Superstar Cesaro Gives Details About His 2006 Release

Former seven-time tag team champion Cesaro has become a staple in SmackDown’s roster. The Swiss cyborg has proven time and time again that he is perhaps the best pound-for-pound athlete in WWE today. However, he never really received a major push in the business.

Speaking on Chasing Glory, Cesaro revealed that his relationship with WWE has been difficult from the start. The former American champion was unceremoniously fired by WWE in 2006 before he could even join.

“So literally I got signed. I have completed all of my independent bookings. At that point, Chris Hero and I were wrestling kings. We had, which was unknown at the time, but we had three different tag championships from three different promotions, which, again, was unknown at that time. So, we got this. We finished all of our business there. When this was done and I had almost completed all of my reservations, I got a call saying they couldn’t hire me at the moment, to which I replied “I’m hired, I’m already paid.” “.

SmackDown Superstar Cesaro further added that he had not received a clear answer as to why he was fired from the company.

Posted on Nov 20, 2020, 1:58 PM IST


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