Designer fixes BMW iX because, let’s face it, it needed to be fixed

The design of the iX is so remote that it got us thinking: what if the electric SUV Is that nothing other than BMW’s plan to reduce the heat of the 4 Series and focus it on a low-volume model which, if we’re being honest, this stuff is going to be? Obviously, this is just a conspiracy theory on our part – these are the months of isolation and social distancing – but even if that is not true, the effects are there. Looking at the iX, the only way you’re going to refer to the Series 4 is in a positive way. Or rather less negative.

Our opinion, like that of most people, is largely irrelevant. We only count from a potential buyer’s perspective – and if you don’t have more than $ 100,000, that prospect is zero. However, when people who know a thing or two about design in general and automotive design in particular echo our impression, then maybe we’re on to something.

Marouane Bembli, the designer better known by his stage name, The Sketch Monkey, seems to feel the same way about the exterior of the iX. Unlike us, he also disagrees with the interior of the SUV. We think the cabin is a great take on the current minimalist theme with the right dose of luxury you’d expect from such an expensive German vehicle. Think of it as a mix between Tesla, Lucid, Volvo and just a touch of Bentley. At least that’s the vibe we have.

On the outside, however, the only vibe we get is that something has gone wrong. The only angle the iX looks decent from is the rear, and we’re talking passable, not good. Either way, you feel like you’re watching one of those obnoxious face-to-face exchanges that sometimes we ourselves are guilty of presenting on the website.

Starting with the side view, Marouane begins his deconstruction of what went wrong in the design process of the BMW iX. He even has a short rant at the expense of the engineers who “come in and take all the fun and kill the ambience of the car”, but it is assumed that it is just him who passes the blame to protect his honor. guild.

He calls the iX “flabby” and disjointed, lacking in cohesion and, probably worst of all, lacking in emotion. Marouane even goes so far as to say that the iX is not designed as a car, but as a part of consumer electronics. Strong words, but the Sketch Monkey has the skill to back them up.

Watching the transformation process is like one of those classic reels in B-quality movies where the nerdy ‘ugly’ girl takes her glasses off and gets a complete makeover, to leave anyone in awe of the beauty that lurks underneath it all. This time.

Indeed, it does not take much to transform the BMW iX into a beautiful SUV. Most amazingly, it did it with almost no intervention on the grille and headlights, the two elements that seem to mistakenly define this design. Instead, it’s all about proportions and removing some of the elements that cluttered the overall look of the vehicle. Obviously, it’s too late for the iX now, but it’s still nice to see what could have been.

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