Des O’Connors hoped to live to be 95 to see his son, whom he fathered at 72, marry


Des O’Connor said he hopes to live to be 95 and see his son get married after becoming a dad again at 72. The TV star died on Saturday at the age of 88, leaving her family devastated.

Des married for the fourth time later in life after finding love with Jodie Brooke Wilson, 37 years younger.

Des was already a father to four daughters from previous relationships when they welcomed their son, Adam, when the star was 72.

After becoming a dad again so late in life, Des defended the decision – insisting he didn’t want to deprive Jodie of the joys of motherhood.

Des O’Connors with his fourth wife Jodie and son Adam when he was four

He also revealed that he hoped to live well to be 90 like his own father as he dreamed of seeing Adam marry one day.

He told the Daily Mail: “Jodie wanted a baby and if I had said, ‘I have four kids, but you can’t have one’ that would have been selfish.

And if I live as long as my own father – he died at 95 – I should be there to watch Adam marry. I’m afraid that one day he will realize that his father is older than the other fathers, but there is nothing I can do about it.

‘We have a lot of fun together. I always play football with him and for his birthday I will accompany him to Legoland with a minibus full of his friends. ”

Des O’Connors with daughters (left to right) Samantha and Karen, wife Jodie, son Adam and daughter Kristina

Des was also Karen O’Connor’s dad with first wife Phyllis Gill, Tracy and Samantha with second wife Gillian Vaughan and Kristina with third wife Jay Rufer.

Speaking ahead of his 80th birthday, Des admitted that his wife wanted another child, but feared it was “selfish” because of his years of advancement.

He added, “My wife mentioned having another baby. But that would be a little selfish of me at my age, even though I’m pretty well. “

Des died on Saturday a week after suffering a fall at home

News of Des’s death was confirmed today.

His agent revealed he died in hospital yesterday a week after suffering a fall at home.

They said in a statement: “It is with great sadness that I confirm that Des O’Connor passed away yesterday).

“He was admitted to hospital a little over a week ago, following a fall at his home in Buckinghamshire.

“He was recovering well and had been in a good mood, visited by his family – in accordance with hospital lockdown rules – and was anxious to get home.

“Unfortunately, last night his condition suddenly deteriorated and he walked away peacefully in his sleep.

“Des, who was 88, was loved so much by everyone. It was a joy to work with him – he was talented, fun, positive, enthusiastic, kind and a professional in his own right. “


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