Defenses announcing games are “nothing new” and are part of the “chess match”


Asked about these trends, the CO said the team try to mix things up depending on the moment and the situation, and added that he thinks the biggest key is execution.

“We are working hard to change it,” he noted. “We are very aware of our trends. We are aware that there are at the moment. And that’s again where I said it gets interesting. When you’re good at something and can keep flipping the script at some point.

“So I think there’s a little chess game there with how it goes, but in terms of defense, in terms of defenders guessing what we’re doing. They are going to be right sometimes. They will sometimes be wrong. I think we know that. It’s definitely a part of the game. It probably always has been and probably always will be. ”

When Jackson knows that a defense has read a play based on training, movement, or other tendencies, Roman said the QB sometimes has the ability to change the call, though the coordinator didn’t specify exactly. the freedom the 2019 NFL MVP has for audition.

“There are definitely rooms where the audibles are available and integrated,” Roman said. “… It’s pretty NFL stock. Let’s line up in a formation, see what they’re in, and call an audible. It happens. It’s part of everyone’s attack. Some people more than others. Then you’ve got teams like us, maybe the 49ers, that we’re going to be multiple formations and moves and the like, and you’re basically trying to have the ability to call and run plays. There is certainly a mix of this per situation and per game. Some quarterbacks have the freedom to hear every play. Sometimes it works well for them, sometimes it doesn’t. Some people really don’t do it at all. I would say we are somewhere in between. ”

Jackson’s frustration with the ups and downs of offense this season was evident in his comments this week. Baltimore’s offense has been good in most games, great at times, and just plain good in others. Jackson expects greatness in every game, so it’s understandable that he can get frustrated when things don’t go as planned, especially if he thinks the defense has a head start.

It’s up to Roman to make sure his quarterback’s frustrations aren’t heightened as we head into the playoffs, including perhaps shuffling his calls more than he did in eight. matches, so defenders are more wrong than they were in 2020.


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