Deavan Clegg reveals why she looks so different in season 2


Deavan Clegg has been on 90 day fiancé: the other way for two seasons. When most people come back for a second season, they look relatively the way they looked when fans first saw them. Fans noticed that Clegg, on the other hand, looked different from season to season and in her photos on Instagram. Now she has explained why.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘stars Jihoon Lee et Deavan Clegg | TLC

Deavan Clegg’s surgeries

Clegg admitted to having had surgeries over the years. In 2019, she got her lips filled in South Korea and told fans how the process went wrong.

“In Korea, I decided to get some lip fillers before doing any research. The product they injected has not been tested, ”she wrote in a now deleted Instagram post. “My lip was so swollen and badly injected. I had such severe damage that my lip was dying.

In order to fix her lips, she consulted the former 90 day fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima beauty guru Heather Rohrer of aesthetic medicine LV.

Later that year, she also went to look for veneers at Hybrid Dental in Las Vegas.

“A lot of people have asked about my teeth, I’ve done them,” she wrote in another deleted Instagram post. “And I’m absolutely in love with my smile and always grateful!”

Deavan’s Instagram

Fans noticed Clegg looked completely different on Instagram than she did on the show. Fans called her over and over, to the point that Clegg even joked about the filters. She once heavily edited a photo just to annoy her followers.

“I added blue and pink filters to piss you off,” she wrote below the photo.

Recently, the star has been promoting her OnlyFans account. In September, she claimed she would “be doing a complete makeover for the entire month of October,” according to Screen Rant. But fans were quick to say that her new photos made her look like a video game character.

In response, Clegg uploaded an unfiltered video of herself, but then deleted it.

Deavan Clegg wants breast implants

Clegg tried to raise money to do more work. She recently reached out to her fans to subscribe to her OnlyFans so she could get breast augmentation.

“Everyone asks me why I don’t show my chest a lot,” she wrote on her OnlyFans page. “It’s because I’m incredibly aware of my breasts after having two kids. I had long wanted to have a facelift and implants to boost my confidence. All donations will receive a free photoshoot at the end of the fundraiser. I will make sure to write everyone’s name and send the free photos along with a personal thank you. “

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Deavan explains his difference in appearance

Fans noticed that Clegg looked different between seasons. She recently went to the Great mood podcast and explained why.

“I’ve had lip fillers and had my teeth fixed, so those are the only things I’ve had,” Clegg said.

She also revealed that she has a makeup artist on the show.

“It was just for me,” she says. “The next season is about to come out. There was a bit more hair and makeup. They picked what they wanted a little more with Season 2 sucking because I really wanted to look like Deavan all season.

Clegg believes the show’s styling choices are the reason people think she looks so different.

“It wasn’t well described and that’s the only thing I hate because it triggers the plastic surgery rumors like nose jobs and stuff like that, but all it’s style and the fact that I’m not pregnant anymore, ”she said.


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