DeAndre ‘Bembry brings athletic defense and limited offense to Raptors


The Toronto Raptors would add free agent swingman DeAndre ‘Bembry, an athletic long wing who, at just 26, still has potential for Toronto’s talented player development department.Here’s a little more on Bembry and what he could bring to the Raptors as a probable end-of-rotation depth piece.

Age: 26
Position: Shooting guard / small front
Size: Six foot five | Weight: 210 pounds
Former team: Atlanta Hawks
Statistics 2019-20: PPG: 5,8 | RPG: 3,5 | SPG: 1,3

Wear the n ° 95 for a special reason

First off, before we talk about any of his basketball skills, it’s important to point out that Bembry wears a rather unique number on the court: 95.

The reason he does so is, tragically, in honor of his younger brother, Adrian, who was shot while attempting to break up a fight in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So, to honor his brother, Bembry wears the No. 95 in honor of his brother’s birth year, 1995.

We highly recommend you check out this article Bembry himself wrote shortly after writing in 2016, where he explains what his brother meant to him.

An athletic defender

As for what Bembry brings to the team on the pitch, it’s a strong, long and athletic prototypical wing who, in four years in the league, has found his place as a capable perimeter defender.

Bembry has the lateral quickness to keep pace with two and three and his size bothers point guards if he gets through. Plus, his long arms, quick hands, and game-anticipation ability allow him to play balls that others probably wouldn’t try.

Last season, he averaged 1.3 interceptions per game and boasted a high theft rate of 2.8%.

The weakness of Bembry’s game is that he has yet to develop a good outside shot. He only did 23.1% of his deep looks last season, trying only 65 of them. So he has the D, but without all three, the advisability of playing him could prove problematic, especially since the Raptors are playing such an attack focused on spacing and movement.

Still, Bembry is a legitimate NBA athlete, is already a good defender and, as L’Athletic’s Blake Murphy reported, with him potentially at least a veteran, he is a low risk pilot who could develop a jumper with the help of Toronto development staff.

Does that mean Davis is gone?

This offseason, the Raptors added a pair of athletic wings to draft Jalen Harris and now pick up Bembry in free agency.

Now if you look at the team depth chart, you’ll see a lot of the same player mold – albeit with different levels of talent and skill, obviously.

As such, it must make you wonder if there isn’t some strange man in there somewhere and logic might dictate that this player would be Terence Davis II.

Davis, of course, was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend at the end of October and the Raptors were not told what his fate could be.

However, as fortune can have it, the guarantee on his contract (and that of Dewan Hernandez) is next Sunday, September 29.

So, given all the athletic wings the Raptors have acquired, will we hear about the guarantee on the Davis deal not going into a week’s time?


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