‘Deadpool 3’ is likely to become the MCU’s first R-rated movie


Deadpool 3 is set to become the first R-rated film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to reports.It comes after the news that Ryan Reynolds recruited Bob’s Burgers writers the Molyneux sisters for the new film.

Earlier this week, Deadline reported the news that the sisters, who won an Emmy in 2017, and have been nominated for eight consecutive years for their work on Bob’s Burgers, would be on board for the new MCU movie, which remains in early development.

Now, Deadline reporter Justin Kroll, who broke the original story, tweeted that he thought the new Dead Pool the film will indeed obtain an R rating.

“Sources are now saying the film should still be rated R like the previous two installments,” Kroll wrote.

Earlier this year (May 10), Dead Pool Creator Rob Liefeld blamed Marvel for the delay in starting work on the third film in the series. Marvel got involved with Deadpool after the Fox film studio merged with Disney.

“I blame Marvel… blame Marvel that it hasn’t happened yet. They are the reason it doesn’t happen, ”Liefeld said earlier this year. “Whatever riddle or one that doesn’t fit into your master plan, just order it. Alright, order it. You know, if Frank Frazetta was still there, you’d say, “Frank paint for me”.

Reynolds has previously said that he believed that Deadpool 3 will go in “a completely different direction”.

The predecessor of the film, Deadpool 2, released in 2018. In a four-star review of the franchise’s latest action-packed outing, NME wrote: ” Deadpool 2 is the near-perfect package, creating a second chapter that maintains the anarchic spirit of the original while offering surprisingly successful lamentations about the nature of love, loss and vulnerability.

“A third part, you think, makes perfect sense.”


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