Dave Chappelle: “Boycott the Chappelle show. Don’t look at him unless they pay me. “


Comedian Dave Chappelle posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday asking his fans not to air episodes of his Comedy Central show until he gets more money for them. The plea came towards the end of a lengthy clip of Chappelle doing a stand-up routine, in which he reveals that Netflix pulled the show after he asked them to.”I beg you, if you ever love me, if you ever think there was something valid about me, I beg you, please don’t watch this show,” said Chappelle. “I am not asking you to boycott a network. Boycott me. Boycott “Chappelle’s Show”. Don’t watch it unless they pay me. ”

The majority of the nearly 19 minute clip is devoted to Chappelle claiming that due to the contract he signed before abruptly quitting “Chappelle’s Show”, he is not receiving any extra money for the work he has done. – even as the mainstream media companies continue to profit from his work.


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