Daniil Medvedev v Rafael Nadal: ATP Tour Finals 2020 Semi-Final – Live! | sport


Q. Your thoughts for the semi-final, and obviously it’s a complete turnaround from last year, but your thoughts for playing Rafa in the semi-final. DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Yes, as I always say, I like to play Rafa, Novak and Roger. They were idols of how I grew up when I first became interested in tennis. Basically when I started playing Roger was already there, I think he won almost everything. Then Rafa came to make his marks, then Novak came to try to disturb them all the time (smiling). So always great to play against them. I can’t wait to see the game. Feel confident. I think Rafa is too. Played a great game yesterday. I need to show my best tennis to have the opportunity to win.

Q. You kind of mentioned the Rafa game here last year a few times. How much do you think of that sort of thing in preparation for tomorrow’s game or not at all?

DANIIL MEDVEDEV: Oh, to be honest, not at all, just in terms of tactics, maybe a little, remember something from last year, because I was actually about to win it, but a new match is a new match. It’s been a year already. So even though we all know who Rafa is, everyone is changing. So I’m sure he changed a few things in his game. I changed mine. So a new game is never the same. You know, even you can play it – like we say, in the round robin, you can play, you can win, then you can lose in the final, something like that. I’m just looking for tomorrow and I’m not thinking about last year at all, like I said, other than a few tactical points of view.


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