Daniel Jacobs defeats Gabriel Rosado by split decision in low-action case


Jacobs declared winner by split decision

The judges score 115-113 for Rosado, 115-113 for Jacobs and 115-113 for Jacobs by split decision. Ring announcer Jeremiah Gallegos accidentally declared the Philadelphia winner, before quickly changing him to Brooklyn and making sure the winner was Jacobs.

Jacobs contre Rosado Round 12

A big punch could very well make a difference in what has been a rather pedestrian, low-action fight. Both try to open the offensive during this 12th and final lap. Rosado pursues Jacobs, who lands an overhand right. And another. He adds a left hook. There is a little over a minute left. After changing coaches from his longtime coach André Rozier, one has to wonder if this is what Jacobs is missing. This chemistry. There are 30 seconds left. Jacobs seems happy to just get over it. Not enough punches from Jacobs. This one is way too close for Jacobs. And now we’ll see how the judges rate it. (10-9 Jacobs, 116-112 Jacobs)

The 12th and final round has arrived

This fight demands that something important happen.

Jacobs contrado Rosado Round 11

Will Jacobs increase the urgency as his corner has just begged him? It will be better or he will leave that in the hands of the judges and it is never a really comfortable place for a boxer in a close fight. The bad blood that we saw throughout this buildup didn’t translate into any fireworks. The two fighters disappeared with the right hand. Rosado with a right hand straight in the middle. Net shot, which could have won the round. (10-9 Rosado, 106-103 Jacobs)

Jacobs contre Rosado Round 10

Jacobs leans forward and plants a left hand close to Rosado’s face. Now a right also lands for Jacobs. DAZN reports that Jacobs landed 59 punches in total versus 60 from Rosado with about a minute left in round 10. That’s a low number of punches in the 10th. Jacobs takes the turn, but not at all impressively. (10-9 Jacobs, 97-93 Jacobs)

Jacobs contre Rosado Round 9

Jacobs Corner tells him he’s bored there, but to keep pumping that jab. Rosado is the most active puncher, although a lot of his shots are eaten up by Jacobs’ gloves with his defense. Jacobs pats Rosado with his left hand, before unloading with that right top, which once again misses its mark. Rosado finishes a counter with a sharp right hand. Rosado’s rights of way also partially land at the bell. Jacobs wins this fight but in a really smooth and uneventful way at the moment. (10-9 Rosado, 87-84 Jacobs)

Jacobs contre Rosado Round 8

Jacobs sticking out what went through Rosado’s guard and also ends up on a left hook to the body. Jacobs tries to charge to his overhand right, which has yet to land with full force. Rosado is now securing his own right of way. Does Jacobs give Rosado too much respect or does Rosado command it? I would lean towards the first one. (10-9 Jacobs, 78-74 Jacobs)

Jacobs contrado Rosado Round 7

Jacobs has already resumed his aggressiveness from the start. These towers must, however, feel a little too close for Jacobs’ comfort at this point. Jacobs sneaks into one left hand and another seconds later. Rosado responds with a left and a right to the body. Another quiet ride, however. The right hand lands for Jacobs and he nails a left hook to the body. (10-9 Jacobs, 68-65 Jacobs)

Jacobs contre Rosado Round 6

Jacobs rams a heavy right into Rosado’s body, as he continues to bring him down and measure him for a powerful shot. Still, we have yet to see the punishment Jacobs promised to hand out to Rosado. An overhand right just misses its Jacobs mark, but it adds a right to the body to make up for it. It was a low-action sixth round, with a slight advantage towards Jacobs. (10-9 Jacobs, 58-56 Jacobs)

Jacobs contre Rosado Round 5

Jacobs misses Rosado a bit in this round, but doesn’t show much offense so far. Rosado attacks the body with a few punches and has been the most active fighter this round. Jacobs with a quick burst, which mostly misses its mark. Rosado mocks Jacobs at the bell. (10-9 Rosado, 48-47 Jacobs)

Jacobs contrado Rosado Round 4

Jacobs opened up his attack a bit by pumping a left jab and then sending a forehand to Rosado’s body. He adds a right hook moments later. You can see Jacobs downloading information in real time, looking for something special. Jacobs assembles a combo to the body, while bringing down Rosado. Jacobs is the one applying the most pressure and he hasn’t even fully opened up. Rosado must do more. (10-9 Jacobs, 39-37 Jacobs)

Jacobs contrado Rosado Round 3

Jacobs with a left hook at the start and also adds a short left to the body. Jacobs buried a left in Rosado’s chest. He is clearly the most agile fighter. Rosado comes in just short of many of his punches due to Jacobs’ savvy movement around the ring. Jacobs pushes that right hand well into Rosado’s body. However, Rosado delivers a blow to respond. Jacobs advances on Rosado and unloads a big right hand to complete the round. (10-9 Jacobs, 29-28 Jacobs)

Jacobs contre Rosado Round 2

Rosado comes out pumping the jab, with Jacobs blocking the punches. Jacobs is now trying to put together a combination. He is already more active this turn. Jacobs lands a left counter-hook and moves well around Rosado. Moments later, Jacobs digs a right into Rosado’s body. An overhang right also lands for “The Miracle Man”. Jacobs brings Rosado down for the final seconds and unloads with a powerful body blow to end the round. (10-9 Jacobs, 19-19)

Jacobs v Rosado 1st round

Jacobs and Rosado touch gloves, despite their bitterness in this fight. The sharp left hook lands early for Rosado. Moments later, he sneaks straight to the left to separate the guard from Jacobs. Jacobs lands a few hits, looking to assert the hit early tonight. Both fighters are really patient, as they try to feel each other. Rosado, the most active fighter of the first round. (10-9 Rosado)

Daniel Jacobs walks the ring more confidently than ever

Daniel Jacobs plays his ring to the sound of “Brooklyn We Go Hard” by Jay Z and “Empire State of Mind” and “Czar” by Busta Rhymes.

We are seconds from the opening bell.

Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado is next!

New York City vs. Philadelphia, Jacobs and Rosado are about to settle their beef.

This heated December 2019 showdown in Phoenix helped pave the way for this fight.

Yeleussinov blows up Indongo with TKO in the second round!

Yeleussinov drops Indongo with a chopped left hand on his ear! Indongo carefully gets up from the canvas, but he doesn’t want Yeleussinov anymore. His balance is upset. The referee waves and this one is over!

At 37 and having lost three of his last four fights by knockout, that could very well be the case for Indongo.

Co-événement principal: Yeleussinov vs Indongo Round 1

Indongo and Yeleussinov strike at the same time, Indongo paying almost a lot for it as he eats a quick flurry. Whoa! As has been said, Yeleussinov detonates a madly swinging Indongo with a left hand that drops the former world champion with a thud.

Some first-round fireworks for Yeleussinov, who looks very sharp with his punches. (10-8 Yeleussinov)

The co-main event between Daniyar Yeleussinov vs Julius Indongo is upon us

The bell is about to ring on ten rounds of welterweight action like our co-feature of the night.

Gennadiy Golovkin in the house

GGG, who is no stranger to Daniel Jacobs or Gabriel Rosado, is in the building.


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