Daily coronavirus cases in Gloucestershire drop in third week of lockdown


Gloucestershire saw a double-digit increase in coronavirus cases for the first time this month.Another 94 people were diagnosed with the virus in the 24 hours leading up to November 23.

This is the first time in November that the county’s daily increase has dropped below 100.

The latest data show infections are starting to fall in the region, nearly three weeks after the country’s second lockdown.

Experts said it would take 14 days for a change in behavior to manifest itself in the results.

Boris Johnson is expected to announce on Thursday which level Gloucestershire will enter once England’s lockdown ends.

The county is slated to return to level 1, which could mean sports fans will be able to watch games live, and pubs and restaurants will be able to welcome customers again.

In the Southwest, 95 Covid patients were admitted to hospitals on November 20, bringing the total number of people hospitalized in our region with coronavirus to 773.

Across the UK, 15,450 new cases have been confirmed today and 206 coronavirus-related deaths.

Local breakdown of daily figures:

  • Cheltenham: +16 (1 429)
  • Cotswold: +4 (922)
  • Forest of Dean: +10 (744)
  • Gloucester: +30 (1 943)
  • Stroud: +22 (1 277)
  • Tewkesbury: +12 (896)

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Levels explained

Describing the different restrictions in the different levels, Boris Johnson told the House of Commons today: “In particular, at level 1 people should work from home whenever possible.

“At level 2, alcohol can only be served in reception establishments as part of a large meal.

“At level 3, indoor entertainment, hotels and other accommodation will have to close, along with all forms of hospitality except delivery and take out. “


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