Czech Republic move closer to first place in Scotland’s Nations League as Celtic star Hatem Elhamed receives red card


The Czech Republic secured a relentless 1-0 victory over Israel tonight and are in a dangerous position to prevent Scotland from qualifying in Section A of the Nations League as a group winner. Vladimir Darida scored the only goal in a close game which saw Celtic defender Hatem Elhamed sent off in the 81st minute.

Scotland’s loss to Slovakia means they have to face a nervous final game against Israel to decide their fate.

Jaroslav Sihavy’s side face Slovakia at home on Wednesday and a win would blow the Scots up if we lose or draw our away game against the Israelis.

A victory would allow us to regain the first place, whatever happens with the Czech.

Scotland goes to Euro 2020

The group winners are promoted to section A of the next Nations League alongside the tournament greats.

While that means tough matches, the nations you are likely to play will mostly qualify through the standard group format.

In the last League of Nations, only Iceland did not make it into this elite group of nations and that meant they were placed in the play-offs despite an end of their group and without a win.

It then has the dual attraction of providing Scotland with glamorous play and also offers an excellent path to the play-offs.


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