Cuomo to deliver COVID briefing on Sunday as three states prepare to cross 1M virus milestone – NBC New York


What there is to know

  • New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will collectively hit a milestone Sunday reached by just a few states, when the tri-state area sees its millionth positive coronavirus case
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio says he believes the Orange Zone crackdown will fall on New York in the first week of December; Cuomo says a lockdown by this timeline is not guaranteed
  • New Jersey faced steeper increases than New York; Gov. Phil Murphy says the next few months will be brutal, but expects 130,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine around Christmas if FDA approves use

A million.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will collectively cross a milestone on Sunday reached by only a few states (California and Texas), when the tri-state region sees its millionth positive coronavirus case.

According to a tally from each state’s health database, the three states reported a total of 994,330 positive test results between March and November 21. will bring the tri-state above the million mark.

The total milestone for the region comes as state governors bring back measured restrictions to curb the spread, although no recent restrictions have been as severe as the lockdown measures triggered in the spring.

As this weekend approaches, New Jersey’s largest city of Newark has been told to prepare for a 10-day stay-at-home notice starting November 25.

“We are going, from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to December 4, to shut down the city,” Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said during a radio appearance on WBGO 88.3 FM, Newark Today Friday. “We want people to shelter in place. We want people to come only for essential purposes. Don’t go out if you don’t have to. Don’t mix with other people if you don’t have to. Stay (with) your family in your immediate home. ”

Baraka’s office did not respond to a request for more details on Friday and it was not immediately clear how the city of 280,000 people would enforce the new restrictions, especially for the Thanksgiving holiday. A message was left with the Newark Police Department.

Baraka recently instituted curfews in three areas of the city and other restrictions on restaurants and non-essential businesses in response to a surge in the number of coronavirus cases in the city.

Two weeks ago, Gov. Phil Murphy interrupted indoor dining between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., and last week he lowered the limit for indoor gatherings from 25 to 10 and brought urged people to stay home for Thanksgiving.

The virus positivity rate continues to increase steadily in all three states. New Jersey and Connecticut are above 3%, and New York is approaching that benchmark. Adam Harding reports.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has chosen not to renew certain statewide restriction measures, instead implementing his micro-cluster approach to target COVID hot spots in a given region.

After New York’s public schools shut down, it looks like restaurants and bars are next on the chopping block via Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In his weekly radio segment on Friday, de Blasio said he was expecting him the first week of December, based on the latest numbers and projections. Cuomo says a lockdown by that timeline is not guaranteed, but will be triggered based on what the city’s positivity rates look like – which he says will be heavily influenced by Thanksgiving activity.

“It all depends on what people are doing. I’m not going to guess and I don’t have a crystal ball except to say be very, very careful, ”Cuomo said.

Cuomo first sowed the seeds of the takeover on Wednesday when he announced he would transition all of New York City to a micro-cluster Orange Zone if the seven-day rate across the board city ​​reaches 3% and remains at 3% for 10 consecutive days. Status reports for this metric differ from city data. New York City stood at 2.52% on Friday, state data showed – and has yet to hit the first of what will need to be 10 days of 3% or more.

Under Orange Zone rules, schools are all moving remotely, a moot point now for public schools, but one that would affect private and charter schools, which are not subject to de Blasio’s closure. There is a “test out” option, although Cuomo has said he should design a new formula for NYC given the volume of students. Expect this to be a key part of returning in-person learning at some point.


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