‘Crunchy’ Man Lockdown Idea Tricks Hundreds of People As He ‘Book A Flight’ to Pub


A group of guys who booked a cheap flight so they could meet up for a drink have been called “legends” but they don’t seem like. Paul Strain, from Belfast, couldn’t stand being separated from his friends amid the coronavirus lockdown anymore, so he decided to come up with a sneaky plan.

Paul booked a cheap flight to Belfast International Airport so he could meet the boys for a drink, Belfast Live reports.

He wrote: ‘When the pubs are closed and the only service point is the airport, you and your friends book a £ 9.99 flight (which you don’t get on) so you can all go on vacation! … #Wheretheresawilltheresaway. “

It was a parody

He even tagged the location of the post at Belfast International Airport, claiming he was accompanied by two friends Michael Haden and Nathan Sanders.

The post quickly swept the internet, with many calling the trio a “legend.”

But Peter has now revealed that the post was actually a parody.

He told Belfast Live: “Hundreds of people have asked me if it is legitimate and I didn’t know if I wanted to burst the bubble!

“But no, it was just a parody of absolute crack, and I think we managed to get half of Northern Ireland with it.

“If you look at my Facebook, it’s about making a few jokes and not taking life too seriously.

“So with this post, we decided to add some fun to the day – we didn’t think it would get the response it got.

“But here it definitely got us and a few hundred others to think maybe we should check easyJet for cheap flights! ”

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